Modern aluminum fencing offers a wealth of opportunities for beautifying properties, providing a secure barrier to protect children and pets, and offers exceptional durability. It presents a visually appealing appearance and can be customized in a variety of ways.

Even though aluminum isn’t heavy, it’s no lightweight when it comes to strength. Many fences that appear to be wrought iron in locations such as parks, swimming pools, commercial projects, and housing developments are actually crafted from aluminum.

It’s decorative, available in multiple styles, colors, and textures, and can be combined with multiple types of locks and security systems. Fence tops can be finished with flat, ornamental or spiked tops without violating local ordinances and it meets BOCA codes.

Landscapes can encompass a variety of natural features that include dips, hills, and slopes. Aluminum fencing is highly versatile and can be installed across flat or sloping surfaces without unsightly transitions, gaps, or unevenness for a smooth appearance throughout.

The use of aluminum fencing is an eco-friendly solution for those that care about the environment. It can be recycled and some types are crafted from recycled aluminum that lowers the carbon footprint during the manufacturing process.

Many types of fencing require regular painting, staining, is subject to corrosion, and can become brittle over time. Aluminum fencing can withstand a wide array of weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, and it’s very low-maintenance. It doesn’t rust, rot or fade and a quick rinse with the garden hose will keep it looking fresh and clean.

Aluminum fencing is a cost-effective solution for a great number of locales where safety, beauty, and durability is required. It’s particularly effective in areas that aren’t completely flat and will add beauty, value, and safety to properties that last over time.


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