Children are naturally curious about the world around them – and that includes what’s on the other side
of your fence. Simply installing a fence isn’t enough to protect your children. There are additional
elements that must be considered.
Installing a sufficiently high fence may not seem like a problem for those with small children. However,
youngsters have no qualms about climbing a fence. Anticipate their height and reach as they mature.
Don’t leave swings and other toys near a fence that a child can use to get closer to the fence top.
Ground Clearance
Make sure the fence reaches all the way to the ground. A gap between the bottom of the fence and the
ground level is nothing short of an invitation for a child to crawl under it. An added danger is that they
can become stuck.
Any fence should be free of handholds or outcroppings that a child can use to scale a fence. It will also
prevent them from losing their grasp, falling, and potentially sustaining an injury.
The spacing of the posts and pickets is an equally important consideration. There should be no spaces
between posts and pickets that a child can squeeze through or get stuck between.
Damaged Elements
Inspect fences regularly and repair or replace any damaged piece or fastener used to connect it.
Damaged boards, panels or hardware provide an escape route and the potential for injury from broken
boards or metal.
Fence gates pose a definite risk when trying to keep children contained. Gates should be self-closing and
self-locking. Locking mechanisms should never be within the reach of children.
Never Leave Them Alone
It only takes a moment for children to discover a weakness in a fence. Never leave children unattended,
even in a backyard enclosure. Stray dogs, dangerous wildlife, and enterprising trespassers always remain
a potential danger, even with a fence.

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