The good news for owners of steel or wrought iron fencing that’s become rusty and unsightly is that the fence can be restored. It will require preparation, primer and elbow grease – or an electric tool to make the job easier and faster. Never attempt to simply paint over a metal fence. The results will look terrible and the paint will flake.

Metal fencing is typically treated with a specialized coating to prevent rusting, but even the best professionally-installed fence has a finite lifespan. If you have an aluminum fence, you won’t see it rust, but it will corrode over time. Metal fencing in South Florida is required to withstand stresses that other locations don’t, primary of which is salt from ocean spray and being drenched in ocean water during hurricanes.

Fence Restoration

Restoring your fence if it’s showing signs of rust will aid in prolonging its longevity and maintaining it’s beauty and effectiveness. You can prep the fence and do the work yourself, but it can be a time-consuming task, depending on the method you choose. The alternative is to hire a company that has the tools, technology and experience to do the work.

Before undertaking the project yourself, perform an inspection of the fence to determine the extent of the damage. The fence may simply be showing surface rust and can be restored. If the rust is extensive and has penetrated the surface, it may be a better idea to replace rather than restore.

If you’re performing the work yourself, it’s essential that you remove as much rust as possible. You can remove it manually using a sandblaster, grinder or a liquid rust remover. All the methods are effective, it just depends on how much time you want to invest.

When the fence is free of rust, all that’s left to do is apply a coat of primer and a new coat of anti-rust paint in the color of your choice. You can use a roller paintbrush to apply the primer and paint.

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