Water is one of the most damaging elements any fence will face, particularly wooden fences. While a sprinkler system won’t affect other fencing materials as radically, water will still result in damage that requires repairs and extra maintenance.

It’s just one of the reasons that irrigation systems should always be installed by a professional and never near fencing. They have the knowledge needed to adjust irrigation heads so water isn’t deposited on fences and other undesirable areas. Even if the heads in your irrigation are adjusted correctly, you may not be as fortunate if the system is your neighbor’s.


Wood is a porous material that allows water to penetrate the surface. Even with stain, paint ot wood protectants, any tiny untreated spot will allow moisture to enter. That moisture will cause the wood to rot – at an accelerated rate than normal. It shortens the lifespan of the fence and disrupts its functionality.


The amount of water applied through sprinkles doesn’t seem like much, but over time it can cause shifting of fence poles and the surrounding soil. This is especially true if it rains soon after the lawn has been watered.


Even fencing constructed from the most modern materials can experience discoloration from sprinklers. Minerals in water supplies, such as iron or calcium, can build up with repeated drenching from sprinklers.


Algae, mold and mildew are all biological agents that can affect a fence. They flourish in South Florida’s subtropical environment. Watering a fence simply adds additional moisture that biologics need to grow and multiply.

Maintenance and Money

The rotting, shifting, discoloration, and growth of biologics all combine, resulting in additional time and money in maintenance costs for property owners. It’s a situation that also disrupts the overall form, functionality and appearance of the fencing. It’s not just the fence that will require extra maintenance. Nearby flower beds can sustain damage from water runoff of the fence.

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