Commercial fencing is an ideal way to protect businesses and their assets. Depending on the environment, a fence controls the flow of people and/or vehicles and provides a protective barrier. Fencing can take many forms and is equally applicable for businesses that include stores and housing complexes to production facilities, warehouses, and construction sites.


This fencing is offered in multiple styles, colors, is highly durable, and low-maintenance. Aluminum resists corrosion and damage by the elements. It’s lightweight yet strong and can be a more cost effective solution than steel, wrought iron and similar materials. Aluminum fencing offers a myriad of opportunities for customization to accommodate specific needs. It’s also a decorative option that blends seamlessly with security systems and requirements.

Iron and Steel

Metal commercial fencing encompasses a wide variety of styles and designs, blending those attributes with timeless elegance, strength and durability. Commercial metal fencing of iron and steel can be combined with an extensive range of gates and other security measures. Business owners can choose from chain link styles, along with those that emulate wrought iron.

PVC Vinyl

It’s a highly popular option and is being used in multiple venues encompassing hospitals and restaurants to community centers and swimming pools. One of the reasons for its rise in popularity is its low-maintenance qualities, combined with decorative options.

It can be manufactured from synthetic materials or recycled plastics and is able to withstand Florida’s changing weather without cracking, chipping or peeling. PVC vinyl fencing can be installed in multiple heights and offers a security solution that’s available in multiple colors and styles.


One of the newest materials on the market is SimTek® and it’s quickly becoming a primary choice for businesses due to its unique capabilities. It can withstand hurricane force winds of 110 mph and gusts up to 130 mph, making it particularly applicable in Florida. Through a specialty molding process, it can be created to emulate stone and wood grain finishes.

It also provides superior sound absorption abilities, is very low-maintenance, and it’s impact resistant. SimTek® is a stylish solution that provides safety, security and beauty in a wide range of business environments.

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