Individuals planning on installing a fence will typically find two types of wood – pine or cedar – as the most common choices. Individuals should know that they have a wide variety of wood species from which to choose when installing an outdoor fence. The best wood for a fence isn’t necessarily the optimal choice for every situation. The following are the best wood choices for an outdoor fence.


The wood has excellent resistance to rot and natural oils that act as a deterrent to insects. It doesn’t become gray over time and is a cost-effective choice. Sealants and stains can be applied to provide moisture protection against salt spray and humidity in the South Florida climate.


A redwood fence is approximately 23 percent stronger and more durable than cedar, but its also a more expensive option. Naturally resistant to insects and rot, it provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Once the fence has weathered a bit, it’s a good idea to stain it to extend the life of the wood.

Douglas Fir

A wood with strength, stability and an even grain, it has hints of red and yellow that make it unique in appearance. It will have some knots that add interest and character. Graying can be a problem if its not sealed or stained. It has a measure of resistance to rot and decay.


The wood contains a naturally produced compound that’s a deterrent to insects and its naturally resistant to rot. Cypress is on the higher end of the cost scale due to its durability. Sealants and staining increase its natural properties.

Pressure Treated

Pressure treated wood undergoes a special process that infuses it with chemicals to make it resistant to decay, rot and insects, particularly termites. The color will depend on the species and grade of the wood, but it’s also available in color treated options to make it appear as redwood or cedar.

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