Fences in South Florida take a lot of abuse. Heat, humidity, insects, and even salt spray can be
detrimental to the structures. However, the real test of a fence’s sturdiness and longevity
comes with the arrival of a hurricane. There are some measures that anyone can take to help
hurricane proof their fence and give it a better chance of surviving a hurricane’s fury.
Fencing is typically connected with nails, screws or nuts and bolts. Galvanized hardware is
resistant to rust and corrosion, but not impervious. Inspect fences regularly and have any
fasteners or joiners replaced that are loose, missing, or corroded.
Pickets and Posts
Fence posts are typically fixed in concrete for stability. Make sure any installer sets fence
uprights in concrete. Promptly replace any pickets that become damaged or loose. Another
thing to look for are any posts or pickets that may have become rotted, chipped, cracked,
warped, or the victim of insect predation.
Some types of materials are more resistant to damage than others. Materials such as vinyl are
more resistant to rain, wind and UV rays than wood, for instance. Wood fences can be blown
over in high winds.
Steel Frame
One of the best ways to hurricane proof any fence is by installing it with a framework of metal
posts. Metal is more resistant to the high winds that accompany a hurricane.
Any fence with spaces between the pickets is going to be more resistant to the winds generated
by a hurricane. Those spaces allow wind to flow through, rather than forming a solid barrier to
be battered by wind.
An open, flopping gate can be twisted and detached from its anchor and has the potential to
damage the fence. Gates should be closed and locked when a hurricane is in the forecast.


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