Many people are so caught up in the excitement of their new fence they forget the finishing touch – the gate. Fences are designed to keep things in or out and a gate is essential for a fence to accomplish its purpose. Individuals will obviously want a gate that’s complementary to their fence. There are multiple concerns to consider when choosing a gate.


A gate will typically be constructed of the same material as the fence. It provides continuity, strength and durability.

Children and Pets

Consider the closing mechanism of the gate carefully and its positioning. It should be out of easy reach of children to prevent them from wandering out of the yard or into traffic. Canines can and do learn how to circumvent and open locked gates. That holds true whether the gate is manually operated or utilizes keypads, video access or electronic locks.


Fence gates swing inward to permit passage of vehicles in and out. There may not be enough room for the gate to swing back far enough due to plantings or other obstacles. A gate that slides to the side may be a better option. If an electric gate is planned, it will require electrical work to ensure access to a power source.

The width of the gate should comfortably accommodate the size of the vehicles that will arrive and depart, along with any trailers used to transport recreational vehicles. If any home improvement projects are planned, individuals will need to consider the size of those vehicles.

Single or Double

Individuals can choose a one-piece gate or a double gate that contains two separate panels. There’s typically less stress placed on the hinges of a single hung gate.


Gates can be as plain or ornate as desired. Individuals can have a custom gate created that features their family crest, company logo, or initials. Some are even unique works of art in their own right. Just make sure the personalization doesn’t compromise the security of the gate.

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