Gardening enthusiasts often practice their skills and enhance their fence line with plants. It’s an especially popular option where space is at a premium. The trick to this type of fence enhancement is choosing vines and shrubs for vertical gardening that are easily contained. There are numerous options that won’t litter the lawn, requires little care, and emit an enticing aroma.


One of the most popular vines is the clematis, known as the “Queen of Climbers.” They’re easy to grow, available in a multitude of colors and color combinations, and have large, showy blossoms. They’re not recommended for growing around children and pets as they’re mildly toxic if ingested.

Morning Glory

Fast growing climbers, they have attractive heart-shaped leaves and a wealth of colors is available. Blooms open in the morning and last for several hours. One variety – moon flower – blossoms at night. They like full sun, but may need some protection from hot afternoon sun in South Florida. They easily self-sow and are highly attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.


The honeysuckle produces fragrant flowers from summer through autumn followed by red berries. The easy-to-grow climber can overwhelm a fence if flowered stems aren’t cut back by a third in late summer. Hummingbirds like them.


There’s an ivy to accommodate any preference and there are very few places where ivy won’t thrive. Be sure and choose the climbing variety and not the creeping type. Keeping it contained is a simple matter of cutting it back.


These bushes can grow up to 15 ft. in height and have a stylish appearance with clusters of pom-pom type blossoms. They like moist and well-drained soil. Colors encompass hues of pink and red to blue, lavender, white and green. Acidic soils are best for blue varieties, alkaline soils for pinks and reds.

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