The Sunshine State is known for its warm weather – along with the extreme weather
conditions. Hurricanes are just one of the high-risk weather conditions with which Florida
residents must contend. One of the primary concerns for residents that want to install a fence
is which material will best survive the onslaught of high winds, storm surge and flooding,
torrential rain, and flying debris.
Chain Link/Wire Mesh
The holes in chain link and mesh fencing allows wind to pass through them instead of beating
against them. The metal is a great choice for withstanding a storm, but not necessarily the most
aesthetically pleasing. Chain link and wire mesh are quick and easy to install, while providing a
budget-friendly option.
Aluminum Fencing
It’s stylish and can emulate wrought iron. The spacing of the pickets allow wind and smaller
debris to pass through. It won’t rust or corrode when exposed to rain or salt water and rivals
steel for strength. Posts are typically set in concrete, which provides additional strength and
rigidity. Aluminum fencing is the most expensive option.
Vinyl (PVC)
A vinyl/PVC fence can withstand winds of up to 130 mph. The material doesn’t rot when
exposed to rain or salty ocean water. It offers a high level of durability and doesn’t rust or warp.
Vinyl/PVC contains UV inhibitors to prevent degradation, color fading and discoloration.
Vinyl/PVC fencing is more expensive than chain/mesh and less expensive than aluminum.
It’s the only fencing that has a Miami-Dade wind rating that will withstand 110 mph winds and
gusts up to 130 mph. It also withstands temperatures of up to 140° F. It’s highly attractive, can
be customized, and imitates the look of real wood or stone. Powerful UV inhibitors keep the
fencing from fading, The material doesn’t warp, is easily cleaned with soap and water, and
offered in multiple colors. It's on a par with aluminum fencing in terms of cost.


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