People place barriers around their balconies and decks, never really thinking about the fact that they’re essentially erecting a fence. It’s a critical safety measure to protect people and pets from injuries. Deck fencing can be designed to provide children and small dogs with an outdoor space to safely play.


Individuals typically want a more elegant look for their balconies and aluminum is an excellent choice. The metal can be fashioned into a variety of forms with the same great look as wrought iron and its low maintenance. It can be installed vertically or horizontally and it’s a highly durable, versatile and affordable option. Aluminum is environmentally friendly and available in multiple colors.

A newer trend for balconies is tempered glass using steel framing. Tempered glass is about 4 times stronger than traditional glass, it’s heat and scratch-resistant, and provides UV protection. It also aids in sound reduction. If tempered glass sustains an impact, it doesn’t shatter like ordinary glass – it breaks into tiny granules. Tempered glass is available in multiple styles, designs and patterns.


The choices are almost unlimited when choosing a barrier for a deck. Fencing ranges from elegant to utilitarian and people are only limited by their imagination. Wood is popular but requires painting, staining, and considerable maintenance. It can be customized in multiple ways, but isn’t as durable as other materials.

For a beautiful deck fence that’s almost maintenance-free, consider a composite material like PVC. Another option is SimTek®, a polyethylene plastic. The materials are gaining traction as barriers on decks. Both are strong, and durable and won’t succumb to mold, rotting or insect predations. The materials are eco-friendly and sustainable. They can be customized in various ways and come in multiple colors.

Aluminum and tempered glass are great for balconies and they’re equally applicable for decks. Both materials can be combined with other materials in a myriad of ways for a show-stopping look.

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