Homeowners insurance will typically cover the cost of a damaged fence, but it will depend largely on how the damage was caused. Fence damage may fall under the “other structures” coverage of the policy and may be limited to damage that occurs as a result of vandalism or storms. It’s essential that individuals understand their policies and what it covers.

There may also be monetary limits attached to the amount of coverage provided in the form of percentages. Flood damage is typically excluded from standard coverage policies. Damage resulting from earthquakes is also excluded, even though Florida is tied with North Dakota for the fewest number of earthquakes. An earthquake is Florida is rare, but they have occurred.

Sinkholes are a very real concern for Florida residents and companies are required to offer catastrophic ground cover collapse. However, the coverage is only available as an add-on to an existing policy and individuals will incur additional costs for the coverage.

Fences can be exposed to a variety of damaging conditions and situations. While many of those may inflict damage that mars the cosmetic appearance of the fence, they won’t be covered by homeowners insurance. Fences can be struck by debris from lawn mowers, children driving “ride-on” vehicles, and landscaping mishaps – those aren’t covered. Fences afflicted with mold, fungi, insects, and normal wear and tear aren’t covered, either.

While a car crashing into a fence doesn’t happen very often, if one does damage a fence the homeowner’s policy should cover it. Individuals will also have the option of filing a claim against the driver’s auto insurance, assuming that the driver has an auto owner’s policy.

Trees and limbs falling on a fence from the policy holder’s yard are covered expenses. The insurance company can choose not to cover the damage if it decides the tree or limb fell due to negligence or lack of appropriate maintenance on the part of the homeowner.

If the damage occurs due to a neighbor’s tree, the insurance company may hold the neighbor responsible for the entire cost. The company may also choose to split the cost 50-50 between the homeowner and the neighbor, with homeowners paying the deductible.

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