Installing a fence can beautify properties, provide security, deter intruders, and ensure safety for children and pets. Before installing any fencing, it’s critical that individuals know exactly where their property lines run. Failure to do so can lead to fines and an order to remove a newly installed by local governing entities.

Individuals often think they know exactly where their property lines are, but without having it surveyed, there’s no way to be absolutely sure. Subtle variances and errors can be made over time. A survey is absolutely essential for two important reasons. The first is that some jurisdictions allow a fence to be erected directly on a property line.

The second reason is that some locations have a setback rule, stating that a fence has to be established a specific distance away from the property line toward the fence owner’s property That means that individuals could lose up to 12 inches of their property usage due to a setback law. If a fence is installed on any part of a neighbor’s property, the individual erecting the fence will have to move it.

It’s just one of the reasons that the services of a professional fencing company are preferable to a DIY approach. The experts will know the prevailing rules in a particular area. They’ll also know what permits are required and be able to obtain them. Failure to obtain proper permitting can also result in individuals being ordered to remove their fence.

Another consideration are neighbors. In some areas, half of the upkeep and cost of fencing will fall upon the neighbors. It’s a responsibility and cost that many don’t want to incur. Individuals may even need their neighbors’ permission before installing a fence. Neighbors will also have the right to remove branches, bushes and growths that infringe on the fence, even if it’s a prized planting belonging to the fence owner.

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