Aluminum fencing can be expensive, but makes up for the investment with a number of attributes that can’t be found in other materials. One of the primary benefits is that its an almost maintenance free solution that’s stylish and highly durable.

Aluminum is a preferred fencing material in South Florida. It has the durability to withstand the ravages of hurricane winds due to the spaces between the pickets. It’s equally appropriate for residential locations, commercial enterprises and even small properties where elegance and aesthetic value is important.


One of the problems that impacts fencing in South Florida is corrosion due to the high humidity levels, frequent rain, and salt water. That’s not a problem with aluminum fencing. It doesn’t rust, rot or corrode. Aluminum doesn’t require painting, staining, or other types of treatments. The ability to withstand water and humidity means stains and dust can be removed by washing it down with warm water and any type of gentle dish washing soap.


Insects, especially termites, can cause considerable damage to wood fences and other types of insects can take up residence in other materials if there’s even the least bit of a crack where they can enter. Aluminum fencing doesn’t attract insects. There’s no need to worry about insects invading the fencing or adjacent homes and outbuildings.

Environmentally Friendly

The metal is 100 percent recyclable and one of the easiest of all metals to recycle. In addition, the carbon footprint to manufacture aluminum has been significantly reduced over the past 30 years.

Other Attributes

Aluminum fences have other benefits. The material can be fashioned into shapes that rival the finest wrought iron, but at much less cost. It’s available in multiple colors. It can be adapted to complement prevailing styles in a neighborhood and customized into virtually any desired decorative design.

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