Fencing can be constructed board by board or with pre-made panels. Installing fencing panels reduces the time and work required to complete the task and provides individuals with an aesthetically pleasing fence.

Pre-made fence panels are easily obtained at big box stores, but a better option is to purchase them from a fencing company or lumber company. Some sawmills will also fabricate pre-made panels to an individual’s specifications. It’s a good option for those that want to customize their fence or incorporate some ornamentation.

Even though there are a limited range of variations in appearance in panels, even pre-made panels can add value and appeal to a home. It’s vastly easier to erect a fence with panels than individual boards. Panels are available in multiple heights and individuals can select from multiple types of wood species, though most are manufactured of pine or red cedar.

With pre-manufactured panels, individuals can get straight to the business of preparing the ground and digging the holes for the supports. Individuals won’t need many tools, either. Depending on the area to be fenced, the average person can complete the installation in a weekend or over the course of several weekends.


For individuals that take a DIY approach, pre-made panels won’t allow for much in the way of a custom look or fit. It there are variations in the landscape such as dips or hills, panels don’t allow for customization to ensure that each panel is the same height.

When purchasing from big box stores, the panels are often joined using staples rather than nails. Those assembled with staples are weaker and more likely to develop problems.

Pre-made fencing panels can be heavy and unwieldy. Installing them can be difficult, particularly if an individual is attempting to perform the task alone. Plan on having at least one other person to help.

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