The search for privacy is more intense than ever before and a fence can accommodate that desire. A privacy fence can take many forms and be constructed of multiple types of materials, but they’re all designed to conceal homes, yards and even commercial properties. They provide privacy and add value to any property.


One of the most common types of privacy fencing is the stockade fence. While not as elegant as other types, it does hide homes from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby. Constructed of wood it consists of panels without any gaps between them and the tops can be flat or pointed.

Stockade fences are affordable, low-maintenance, and can be painted if desired. They can also be scaled to accommodate slopes and varying terrains so the height is even throughout. They’re set at ground level making them good for keeping children and pets in – unless they dig under them.

Brick, Concrete and Stone

One of the most expensive types available, privacy fences constructed of brick, stone and concrete provide the ultimate in privacy and offer greater protection than other fencing. All three are highly durable, very low-maintenance, and are more difficult for children and pets to breach for an elevated level of safety.


A relative newcomer in terms of material, vinyl fencing is less likely to be affected by strong winds and salt water, making it an excellent choice on the east and west coast of the U.S. Vinyl is almost five times stronger than wood, won’t rot, and won’t fall victim to insects or fungus.

Vinyl privacy fencing is more expensive than wood, but less costly than brick, stone and concrete. The fencing can last from 20-30 years and withstands freezing temperatures and high heat. They’re recyclable, non-toxic, and available in multiple colors and decorative touches at the top.

Privacy and Beauty

A privacy fence beautifies properties and increases the value of homes, businesses and commercial properties, while preventing prying eyes from viewing what lies within. In an era where everyone is recording video from their mobile devices and city cameras are everywhere, a fence is one of the best options to obtain privacy.

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