Fences are multi-faceted constructs that provide safety, security, are capable of dampening road noise, and can camouflaging a variety of eyesores within the landscape. The type of fencing selected will depend on the property owner’s primary concerns, needs and requirements. The following are eight things to consider when choosing a fence.


Every parent knows how curious children are and how they can stray into danger unknowingly. A fence is an excellent way to ensure they don’t wander out of the yard or near dangerous areas. It shouldn’t have any protrusions that they can use to climb or spaces underneath they can crawl under.


Animal companions are family members, too. They’re just as curious as children and can be tempted to leave their yard to explore. Fences should be erected with the size of the animal in mind and its characteristics. Some dogs are jumpers and acrobats, well able to clear a fence of 10 ft. and use any protrusions in the fence to gain a toe-hold. Others are more likely to burrow underneath and fencing will need to provide adequate preventative measures installed. 


Anyone that has a swimming pool is required to install safety fencing to prevent unauthorized access by children that meets specific guidelines. It must have no protrusions that children can use to climb over it and be close enough to the ground to prevent crawling under it. The fence will also need an automatically locking gate. Those precautions will also save pets from entering and drowning.

Property Lines

Sometimes it’s necessary to establish boundaries between neighbors or even prevent passersby from coming on the property. A fence is beneficial for minimizing disagreements with neighbors and knowing where to place outbuildings, install a pool, or locate play equipment.


Finding privacy is getting more difficult every day. More homes are being squeezed into smaller properties and foot traffic on sidewalks is increasing. Fencing can ensure the ability to sunbathe or use a pool in peace and away from nosy neighbors.

Enhance Landscaping

A fence enhances landscaping, adds curb appeal to any property, and increases resale value. A property with a fence is more private and safer than an open yard.


The installation of a fence for safety and security has quickly become two of the top reasons for erecting a barrier around properties. It keeps people, pets and possessions safe from those that would mean harm.


There are multiple items that are essentials for everyday life, but aren’t that pretty to view. Fencing is also an attractive way to hide and camouflage unsightly items in the landscape such as trash receptacles, utility boxes, air conditioning units, and TV or Internet dishes, along with hoses and PVC pipes.

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