A fence can function in a variety of capacities, from minimizing street noise to containing children and pets. It’s important to ensure the chosen fencing contractor is qualified, cognizant of local fence rules and ordinances, and that individuals have some idea of what type of fence they want.

It’s never a good idea for a fence to become a DIY project. It can conceivably require the better part of the summer to complete, while a qualified fencing company can perform the required work in a day or so, depending upon the area to be fenced. There are a myriad of steps individuals can take to facilitate the process.

  1. Reason for Fencing

Clients should know why they want a fence. It could be for privacy, security, beautification, to minimize road noise, establish boundaries, or safety. Those factors will impact the type of fencing and materials selected.

  1. Type of Fencing

Individuals have a wide range of fencing options and innovative materials from which to choose. Some are better for specific uses, while others are multi-functional. The fencing should blend with existing architecture, features, and aesthetic concerns.

  1. Multiple Estimates

Don’t agree to the first estimate received. Optimally, individuals should obtain three estimates. It will allow clients to select the combination of pricing, quality, materials, and installation that best fits their individual needs.

  1. Estimators

Even with an online estimate, at some point an estimator will make an on-site visit to view the area to be fenced. Make the estimator aware of any slopes, obstructions, adjoining fences, and access to the work site that could affect cost and installation time.

  1. Pertinent Questions

It’s essential that clients ask if the company will obtain needed permits, knows local zoning regulations, and any setback requirements. The company should also be responsible for contacting utility companies to identify underground lines.

If the area has a slope, clients need to know if the fencing will be uniformly the same height or if it will vary according to the slope. Make sure any hardware is included in the price, the installation timeline, and the fine details of warranties and guarantees.

  1. Red Flags

Once individuals have performed their research and narrowed their contractor choices to three, there are some red flags of which individuals should be aware. Pass on a contractor that:

  • Refuses to provide a written estimate
  • Utilizes pressure tactics for clients to make an immediate decision
  • Requires cash payments only

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