Many people choose a fencing company based on price alone, only to discover they’ve been ripped off. There are any number of problems that can arise that you may not anticipate, but there are measures you can employ to determine the best company to install your fence.

Consider Companies Carefully

Your selection of a fence contractor is of prime importance. Many people choose a fencing company based on price. It’s only later that they discover they’ve been cheated with shoddy workmanship, poor quality materials, unfinished work, and that they’ve been overcharged.

Due Diligence

Do your research on fencing companies in your locale. Talk to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors who have had fence work performed. The Better Business Bureau can also be helpful in your search. Pay attention to online reviews.

Research Materials

You have multiple materials from which to choose and ways that each can be customized. A reputable contractor will take time to explain your options, the benefits of each, and cost. The materials you choose and any customization will have an impact on the final cost.

Multiple Quotes

Once you’ve decided on materials, narrow your search to 3 fence contractors and obtain a quote from each one. A fencing company can’t provide an accurate quote on installation unless they make an on-site inspection of the property. They’ll measure the area to be fenced and make note of any features that will affect installation.

Be wary of any quotes that are significantly lower than the others. Don’t trust any company that demands an up-front payment. A fencing company can’t know what the project will cost without performing some initial steps.

Licenses and Insurance

It’s critical that your contractor have a current license and active insurance. Don’t be reticent about asking for a copy of each. If they’re reputable, they won’t have a problem producing the documents. Verify their veracity and that they’re current to ensure the contractor is operating legally and will be responsible for any damage if something goes awry.

Get it in Writing

Never let a fencing project begin without a written contract. Read it and ask clarification of anything you don’t understand. The document will spell out a number of essential items that includes:

  • Scope of the project
  • Materials
  • Cost
  • Timeline
  • Warranties
  • Payment terms

That contract protects both you and the contractor in the event there are any disputes or disagreements.

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