One of the most common problems for those desiring a fence is underestimating the cost. There are many factors to be considered and the fencing itself is just one aspect. A number of variables will determine the final cost of the project. The following are five elements that every individual should consider before erecting a fence.

Yard Size

A smaller yard will obviously cost more to fence than a large one since it will take less material. It’s a good idea for individuals to measure the area to be fenced before they talk to an installer. They should also know the purpose they want the fence to serve. It’s possible that a smaller area would work equally well for uses such as a play area or dog fence.


The type of material selected for the fence will significantly impact the price. Individuals have a choice of wood and chain link to aluminum and PVC. In Florida, one of the most popular choices is SimTek® due to its environmentally-friendly profile and its ability to withstand hurricane force winds.

Soil Composition

Few people think about their soil in any terms other than their lawn. However, the type of soil in which the fencing will be installed will have a substantial impact on the cost. Sandy soil may require deeper postholes and/or concrete for stability, while loamy ground can require larger posts or footings. Clay is hard and difficult to dig in and silty soil provides stability problems when it gets wet.

Land Slopes

Hills and uneven terrain present special challenges and will require extra work by installers. They may need to bring in heavy equipment to level the ground or otherwise make it more amenable to the installation. That will also entail more labor costs.


Every municipality has permit requirements that must be met before a fence can be erected and the costs can vary widely. The installer will be able to obtain the permit and its cost will be figured into the cost of the installation.

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