Most homeowners know the value of including a gate in their fence installation, but many people overlook the benefits of a lock. They assume that the mere presence of a gate will deter untoward actions. Whether you choose a manually operated or convenient electronic option, every fence gate should have a lock.

  1. Safety

Your fence gate provides completion of a solid enclosure where children and pets can play in safety. Without a lock, anyone can enter the property at will by simply pushing open the gate. Children can do the same. Be sure to install locks above the reach of children and pets. Canines have been known to learn how to operate manual locks.

  1. Theft Protection

You may have expensive vehicles, outdoor furnishings, lawn equipment and other assets that you’ve worked hard to acquire. Without a gate lock, anyone from your neighbor to a thief can come in and make off with your valuables.

  1. Liability

If you’ve never discovered that someone has entered your property to enjoy the amenities, consider yourself lucky. There are an increasing number of people that pay no attention to boundaries. They think nothing of slipping onto your property to use your pool, spa, hot tub, or trampoline. In the course of their marauding, they can injure themselves on toys or tools left in the yard. Depending upon the exact circumstances, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the costs of any damage or injuries an intruder sustains. You could be liable for the expenses.

  1. Insurance Requirements

You probably have items in your yard with the potential to cause an injury or that would be expensive to replace. Good examples are pools and spas and the chemicals to maintain them, treehouses, ziplines, swing sets, trampolines and even ordinary outdoor grills. Installing a strong gate lock can be a requirement of your homeowner’s policy.

  1. Deterrent

A fence will discourage most people from unauthorized entry, but others will assume you’re hiding something valuable. A securely locked fence gate is a powerful deterrent to would-be intruders. Few individuals will want to take the time to scale your fence if they can’t gain entry through the gate.

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