There are many reasons to choose a PVC fence. The choice will depend on what an individual wants from their fence.

Low Maintenance

Property owners won’t be spending their time painting, staining or applying preservatives to a PVC fence. It’s unattractive to termites and boring insects, so individuals won’t have to worry about chemical applications. The material won’t rot or rust and it’s also easy to clean with soap and water. PVC fences that are washed every 6 to 12 months tend to last an average of 5 to 7 years longer than if it’s not cleaned.


Manufactured with 10 percent titanium oxide coating, it’s an effective UV inhibitor that protects against fading from the sun’s rays. PVC has a tensile strength of 5 times that of wood. With a solid foundation, PVC fencing can withstand winds of 110 mph and gusts of up to 130 mph before sustaining damage. It typically comes with a long warranty and can provide an average of 20 to 30 years of service before it ever needs to be replaced. PVC fencing is fire resistant. The material doesn’t ignite easily and tends to self-extinguish. PVC is temperature tolerant and well able to withstand the hot South Florida sun without cracking.


The fencing is visually appealing with great aesthetic value in any location. It has multiple colors, styles, textures and can be customized in various ways. It’s offered in styles that emulate the look of real wood and stone.


One of the many benefits of PVC fencing is that it’s  now chemically recyclable thanks to a breakthrough process innovated at the University of Michigan. The fencing doesn’t need to be treated with preservatives or insect repellants.

Cost Effective

While property owners will have a greater initial outlay for PVC fencing, it pays for itself over the long-term, making it a cost effective solution.

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