You may be proud of your new fence, but your neighbor may not share your enthusiasm. The fence you install may have ramifications for the neighbor(s) yards. A significant portion of the population display emotions ranging from puzzlement and indignation to outright anger over a fence. To head off potential disputes, you should observe proper fence etiquette.

Inform Your Neighbor

It’s just a common courtesy to have a friendly conversation with any neighbors that could be impacted and let them know what you want to do. Depending on local regulations, they may be financially responsible for a portion of the upkeep. If you have a homeowner’s association (HOA), never erect a fence unless you get approval in writing first.


Before erecting any type of fence, it’s critical that you know exactly where your property line is located. Impinging on your neighbor’s property by as little as an inch can mean you have to take down the fence and relocate it. It may be convenient to rely on the property’s plat map but to be absolutely positive of your boundaries, hire a surveyor that will place physical markers on the lines.

In or Out

Bear in mind that standard procedure is to install a fence with the finished or “pretty” side facing outward. If you want to view the same beauty of the fence on the inside as the rest of the world sees, consider a double-sided fence.


Few things are as distasteful to look at as a fence that’s fallen into disrepair. Fences that are sagging, leaning, have fallen prey to insects, or needs painting or staining is unpleasant and lowers home values. If you don’t have time to perform the proper maintenance, there are a variety of fencing material options that are almost completely maintenance-free and will even withstand hurricane force winds.

Fencing Contractors

The happiness and satisfaction you have in your new fence will depend largely on the experience, reliability and professionalism of your contractor. Compare installers and choose with care.

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