Fences are wonderful constructions that provide privacy, security, buffer outside noises, and beautify properties. They can look great for many years, but they’re also prone to some common problems of which people may not be aware until they occur. The following are the top 5 most common fence problems individuals may experience.

Sagging and Leaning

Many fencing materials are susceptible to sagging and leaning, particularly if it was a DIY installation. Fences that are erected in locations subject to high winds are at an increased risk of problems. Poor drainage and other soil conditions can rot and weaken fence posts, making them unable to support the weight of the fence.

Mold and Mildew

Both situations result in unsightly stains that ruin the appearance. Depending upon the material used, it can eventually lead to the degradation of the posts and fence.


There are multiple types of insect pests that will attack wood fencing. Their boring and breeding habits leave the wood vulnerable to the elements and rot. When they tire of the fence, they may move on to houses and outbuildings.

Boards, Pickets and Panels

Wind, insects, falling limbs, and failing hardware are all problems that can result in the loss of fence boards, pickets and panels.

Property Lines, Laws and Neighbors

Those three ingredients can cause more problems with fencing than all the others combined. It’s essential that individuals know exactly where their property lines are before any fence installation can commence. There are numerous rules, regulations and laws that will apply to fences ranging from heights, materials and styles depending where an individual is located. Permits will need to be obtained prior to installation.

It’s always a good idea to let neighbors know a fence will be going up. They may have a laundry list of concerns, complaints and objections since they may be responsible for a portion of its upkeep.

Hire a Professional

The top 5 problems with fencing are all reason to hire a professional fence installer. They can’t prevent disputes with neighbors, but they can help with selecting the best fencing for the client’s needs, will be cognizant of local fence regulations, and can obtain needed permits. A fencing expert can even assist individuals in determining where their property line lies and is experienced in installations in all types of soils.

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