A gate is the finishing touch for your new fence and there are multiple options from which to choose. You’ll want the style to complement your tastes, preferences and usage. People typically select a gate constructed of the same material as their fence, but individuals can choose from wood, chain link, vinyl or aluminum.


This type of gate is less expensive than other materials. It offers versatility and the boards can be installed vertically, horizontally., or as a solid piece. However, wood is subject to rot, mildew, and predations by insects. It may need regular painting or staining.

Chain Link

A gate constructed of chain link discourages intruders, while enhancing security. It’s a cost-effective and affordable option for keeping children and pets secure. A disadvantage is that chain link isn’t as aesthetically pleasing and a protective coating will need to be applied to prevent rust and corrosion.


Vinyl gates are long-lasting, versatile and durable. The material is more economical than aluminum, will outlast wood, and requires very little maintenance. The downside of vinyl is that the initial investment will be more costly than wood or chain link.


Next to iron and wrought iron, aluminum is one of the strongest and most versatile materials available Aluminum isn’t prone to rust or corrosion, requires very little maintenance, and is long-lasting. It has the advantage of classic beauty, a sophisticated appearance, and is highly decorative. It can be customized in multiple ways and is effective for deterring people and wildlife.

Other Considerations

The way the gate opens and closes to admit family and friends is also important. Gates can be installed to swing to either side. If space is limited, gates can also be designed to slide sideways to allow admittance. Self-locking gates are a good precaution for homes with children and pets. Individuals can also choose a high-tech solution that utilizes codes or biometrics to gain entry.

The South Florida soil composition can create difficulties when installing a fence. Specific rules are in place to mitigate problems and ensure they’re anchored properly. The professionals are cognizant of all those specifications.

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