Fences for privacy are outstripping those chosen for purely decorative purposes. In an age where street cameras are common and the potential for nosy neighbors never abates, privacy fencing is a popular way for individuals to gain some privacy and control in their own yards.


Highly cost-effective, it can be painted or stained and completely blocks the view from others. It can be constructed of multiple types of wood and be installed vertically or horizontally. The fencing is offered in varying heights to accommodate multiple needs.

Board On Board

This is a style of fencing that utilizes alternating boards on the inside and outside of the fence framework. It’s sometimes referred to as offset or shadow box fencing. Each boar overlaps the next board in the design. The spacing of each board will determine if the fence completely blocks the view from outside or if individuals would have to be at just the right angle to glimpse the fenced-in area. It’s a popular option for HOAs, commercial properties and high-end neighborhoods.

Picket Fencing

This isn’t the low level, white picket fencing popularized in old films. Modern picket fencing for privacy is offered in heights up to 6 ft. and is solid with no gaps between boards. The style retains the traditional sharp and pointed caps on the pickets that have been used since the earliest times to deter trespassers. Individuals can also choose pointed caps in Gothic or French Gothic styles to personalize their fence.

Disadvantages of Wood

The disadvantage of stockade fencing is that the “pretty” side will need to face outward. Stockade fencing can block air flow, isn’t conducive to yard ventilation, and can cause heating of the yard. Board on board fencing is an alternative that allows for more air flow. Wood in general has a shorter lifespan compared to other materials. It will require regular maintenance to prevent mold, rotting, and depredations by insects.

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