Much has been said about the need for cybersecurity measures, and while securing computers and digital devices is important, the physical security of business premises should never be overlooked. There are 3 security necessities that every enterprise needs.


Security cameras are an essential element in protecting property from burglars. They can provide the images needed to identify thieves, bring them to justice, and facilitate the return of stolen goods returned. Don’t skimp on the quality or number of cameras. Businesses will want cameras that record in normal light and infrared at night.

Surveillance cameras are just as important inside a business. They’re effective in documenting instances of employee or vendor theft. They’re also beneficial for identifying employees that are using unsafe work habits that can result in costly lawsuits if an injury occurs.


While security cameras deter most intruders, the highly-motivated will still attempt to enter. That’s when an alarm system is invaluable. It will notify authorities when an incursion is actually in progress.


Fencing is an excellent deterrent against trespassers and there’s a wide array of fencing from which to choose. A sufficiently high chain link fence is always an effective solution and it can be made even more so by adding an extension at the top with an outward angle. It’s also effective for keeping wildlife out. Business owners can also choose to attach barbed wire or razor wire to the top. It’s typically used at production plants, construction sites and utility facilities.

Housing developments, restaurants, non-profits and even animal shelters can benefit from aluminum fencing. It has the appearance of wrought iron, is available in multiple heights, and can be customized with iron spikes.

Another option for housing developments and eateries with outdoor facilities is SimTek® or PVC fencing. They’re stylish, can be installed at varying heights, offers multiple customization options, and don’t provide intruders with protrusions they can use to scale fencing.

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