Wood Fences

Wood Fences


When it comes to Wood fencing in South Florida,  we at Zepco Fence are not bragging when we say that we are the best in the business.  We adhere to and surpass the South Florida Hurricane Building Code and we use only the highest quality pressure treated wood products.

When you contract Zepco Fence to install your Shadowbox, Board on Board, or Stockade fence, we start with digging and setting your wood fence posts deep with lots of concrete.  We set a post every 4 foot on center.  We then frame your fence with 12 foot long  2 x 4s to minimize the amount of seams.  We then attach our 1″ x 6′ dog- eared boards one at a time.  We never use pre made panels.  All of our fasteners are galvanized ring shank hurricane proof nails.  This will insure a Wood fence that will still be there when others will be ‘GONE WITH THE WIND’.

After Hurricane Wilma I was proud to see ourwood fences still standing while others were in ruin everywhere we looked.

We put our name on every fence we install.  It is our best form of advertising.  When people see that orange Zepco Fence sign they know that the job was installed by the best fence installers in South Florida.