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Licensed and Insured Wood Fencing Services in Coral Springs

People often choose cedar, redwood, or pine fences for seclusion, privacy, or to add curb appeal to their home or business. Wood fences provide natural appeal and offer strength and security while being durable enough to withstand the elements. If you are looking for a wood fence company in Coral Springs, we can help. At Zepco Fence, we make it easy to choose the perfect wood fencing for your home or business.

Choosing the Right Company for Coral Springs Wood Fence Installation

In Coral Springs, wood fence installation should be handled by a fully licensed and insured professional who adheres to all building codes and can help obtain any required permits. Your wood fence company should comply with and surpass South Florida Building Codes. In addition, you should ask your fence company the following questions:

  • How do you handle a sloped or graded lot? Will the fence contour to the ground or appear to be “stepped”?
  • What is the additional cost for any hardware or gates?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer? Does this warranty cover both materials and installation?
  • Do you have a backlog? If so, how many weeks will it take to get to my project?

Before installation, your yard must be marked so that installers can avoid any buried utility lines when digging. If a homeowner’s association manages your neighborhood, you will need to make sure that the fence you choose meets any standards for materials and height. Additionally, fencing measurements can be complicated and necessitate painstaking accuracy. As you can see, requirements for wood fence installation can be complex, leave them to the professionals at Zepco Fence.

Coral Springs Residential Wood Fencing for Your Home

Wood fences are practical for residential use and are often a key landscaping feature. They offer privacy, help keep kids and pets safe, and prevent unsupervised swimming pool visits. A well-designed fence also improves a home’s curb appeal. You can even stain wood fences to match your home’s look. Furthermore, wooden fences are often more easily repairable than other types of fences.

Popular residential fence styles include shadowbox, board on board, or stockade. Solid wood fences offer an attractive noise and visual barrier to help create a private backyard retreat. Picket or lattice wood fencing provides partial privacy while allowing light and air to pass through, creating an airier look. Plants can be hung to add visual appeal and create texture.

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For any home, the proper swimming pool fencing is critical. Wood fences add a barrier of protection around swimming pools while adding a natural look. However, there are very specific requirements and legislation for pool safety barriers. In Florida, swimming pools need to have a 4-foot fence or another perimeter barrier without gaps in coverage. Any barrier must be far enough away from the pool’s edge in case a child does get past it. Additionally, the fence or barrier must have a self-closing and a self-locking device. Because of this legislation, it is essential to work with an experienced professional who understands these requirements to ensure safety and fit for the size and shape of your pool.

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Wood privacy fences are also useful to keep pets safe and secure while allowing them to enjoy the great outdoors. When selecting the right wooden fence for your backyard, you should consider your pet’s size. Small dog breeds may be able to escape through the wide gaps in lattice or picket fencing. For large dog breeds, you should consider a taller fence to prevent pets from leaving the yard. You should also determine how much of your yard you want your pet to access. While most people decide to fence in their entire backyard, custom fence options offer flexibility to designate specific areas of the yard. With the right wood privacy fence, Coral Springs families and pets can enjoy the outdoors together.

Safe and Secure Coral Springs Commercial Wood Fencing

Commercial properties often want a high-level of security without compromising appearance. Today, commercial wood fences can be both functional and decorative. Commercial fencing made with high-quality, pressure-treated wood fencing resists wear and tear from natural elements to create long-lasting structures with an enhanced visual appeal.
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Fencing can keep unsightly commercial generators from view, hide large equipment or dumpsters, and even provide a sound barrier from noisy equipment or machinery. At Zepco Fence, we have installed wood fences for all types of commercial applications. Corporations and businesses across the state continue to rely on our team’s professionalism and experience for their commercial fencing needs.

High-Quality Custom Wood Fencing in Coral Springs

With custom wood fences in Coral Springs, we build your fence to suit any residential or commercial application. Since image is everything for many businesses, a custom fence can keep unsightly parts of your commercial property out of public view. Wood provides unique flexibility to meet the requirements of any project.

Custom wood gates and fences are available in a variety of widths and heights to accommodate the needs of any property. Wood fences range from 6′ to 12′ tall with wood posts made from high-quality pressure-treated lumber to ensure durability and quality. Custom-made wooden gate frames provide added stability and strength. Our professionals can help you identify your fencing needs, present a variety of style options, and provide installation using only premium materials. No matter what your needs, there are many fencing materials, styles, and wood types to choose from.

At Zepco Fence, we know that not all wood fences are created equal. We are proud to use only the highest quality pressure treated wood products. Our wide variety of wood fence materials will fit any design and meet any budget. For the past 30 years, it has been our honor to provide both residential and commercial clients in Coral Springs and the surrounding areas with exceptional quality products and outstanding customer service.
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