Wood Fence Boca Raton

Homeowners often choose fences for seclusion, privacy, or to add curb appeal to their property. Wood fences provide your backyard with an attractive noise and visual barrier at a moderate price. There are a variety of popular styles of wood fencing in Boca Raton including solid, stockade, shadowbox, picket, or lattice. These types of fences are practical for residential use and are often a key landscaping feature in perfectly manicured backyards.

Benefits of New Wood Fence Boca Raton, FL

Your backyard will feel like a hidden oasis with the sense of enclosure that a wood fence provides. Fences help to ensure privacy while defining outdoor spaces and blocking views of neighboring houses. Plants can be hung or planted by the fence to add visual appeal and create texture. If you are entertaining, tie vases to the fence and fill with flowers or hang mirrors on your fence to make your yard appear more spacious.

If you have pets, wood fences keep pets safe and secure while allowing themWood Fence in Boca Raton to enjoy the great outdoors with you. To select the best wooden fence for your yard, think about the size of your pet. Smaller dog breeds may be able to escape through gaps in picket or lattice fences. You should select a taller fence for larger dog breeds that like to jump and go on adventures beyond your backyard. You should also think about how much of your yard you want your pet to be able to access. If your dog tends to dig, your fence should be buried at least 6 inches underground. When you choose the right type of wood privacy fence, you and your pets can enjoy your yard together

Safe and Secure Boca Raton Commercial Wood Fencing

Wood fencing suits any commercial application and is a popular choice for shopping centers, restaurants, and community swimming pools. Since first impressions are so crucial to the success of any business, fences are a great way to keep unsightly commercial equipment out of public view. A wood fence can also act as a sound barrier in noisy areas.

Many businesses choose a wood fence for improved security and safety. Commercial wood fencing provides a secure boundary for limited access areas, allowing business owners to monitor unauthorized pedestrians or vehicles closely. Trespassers or vandals are kept out while property, customers, and tenants are well protected.

Choosing the Right Company for Boca Raton Wood Fence Installation and Repair

Wood fence repair and installation in Boca Raton should be handled by a fully licensed and insured professional who follows all building codes and can help obtain any necessary permits. Measuring for a fence requires accuracy and can be complicated. Before installation, you should have your yeard marked to avoid underground utility lines while digging. Additionally, if a homeowner’s association manages your neighborhood, your fence must meet standards for materials and height. As you can see, wood fence installation and repair can be complex and is best left to a professional.


Wood Fence Service in Boca RatonImproving your home or business by adding a fence is an excellent way to add value and increase usable outdoor space. With a fence, it is easy to turn a lackluster outdoor space into a coveted gathering spot, a place for kids to play, or a private outdoor place where your employees can relax and recharge. The experienced industry professionals at Zepco Fence a leading Boca Raton wood fence company, can help you identify your fencing needs and provide you with a wide variety of style options for your new fence.

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