Quality Fence Installations in Weston

If you are looking for high-quality fence installation in Weston, we can help you at Zepco Fence.  We have been in the fencing business for over thirty years, and have the knowledge and experience to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Fence Installations in Weston

How does the process work? First, you call us. During this call, we will determine your exact fencing requirementsso that we can help you pick the perfect kindof fence that meets both your needs and your budget. Next, we willassist youin filling out any paperwork that is necessary to complete your fencing project. During the final step, our expert team will install your fence, making sure thatit looks great and isproperlyinstalledto surpasses South Florida Hurricane Codes.


With our experienced and professional team, you get high-quality fencing for a fair price. Learn more about the varioustypes of fencing that we offer below so that you can determine what type of fencing you need for your home or business.


Residential and Commercial Fence Installation

If you are looking for residential or commercial fencing in the Weston area, our extensive selection of fences and affordable pricing makes us an excellent choice. We can even provide you with custom fencing for your home or business in any of the fencing options we carry.

  • Aluminum FencingWood Fences – We have both residential and commercial wood fencing which uses pressure treated wood products to provide you with high-quality fencing thatadheres to the South Florida Hurricane Building Code. Our commercial wood fencing is good for enclosing generators or equipment to keep it safe.
  • Vinyl Fences – A residential vinyl fence could be the perfectoption for you if you are worried about exposure to the elements. Vinyl fencing is durable and excellent at standing up to the weather in South Florida. It is this stability that is making commercial vinyl fencing popular for swimming pools, shopping centers, restaurants, and more.
  • Ornamental Fences – If you are looking to addsecurity in a beautiful way, an ornamental fence could be anidealoption. An ornamental fence can enhance the look of your property while also providing you with added security.
  • Aluminum Fences – Aluminum fencing is a good optionfor both durability and attractiveness. An aluminum fence helps you keep pets and children contained while still allowingyou a great view.
  • Chain Link Fences – Another option for both commercial and residential fencing is chain link. This fencing option can meet your needs and be cost effective for your home or business.
  • Security Fences – At Zepco, we also offer high-security fences that keep your home or business safe and secure. We have options like barbed wire and razor ribbon for those that requireextra protection.
  • Custom Animal Enclosures – If you are in a business where you handle animals, having the proper equipment is essential. We build custom animal enclosures to suit the needs of your business and your animals.
  • Industrial and Commercial Gates – Along with our great commercial fencing, we also carryindustrial and commercial gates that you can openwith the touch of a button. We have large swing gates, roll gates, and cantilever sliding gates to give you access to your business with ease.


As you can see, we offera lot of fencing options. We have been in the fencing industry for over 30 years,which gives usthe knowledge and experience to help you find the perfectfence. Also, when it comes to fence installation, our crews have been with us for over ten years, giving them the experience you are looking for.Fencing is a substantialinvestment in your property, andyou need to be sure you are choosing the right fence and the right company to provide you with fence installation. Check out our website to learn more about how Zepco Fence can help you.

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