The Olympic sport of fencing

The Olympic sport of fencing - residential wood fence

19 Mar The Olympic sport of fencing

We were excited when we heard that fencing was an Olympic sport.  We thought that if putting up a residential wood fence was an Olympic sport, the wooden fence installers from Zepco Fence, Inc. would surely bring home the gold.  But then we realized our mistake.

You can’t blame us for jumping to conclusions – we are a PVC fence and wooden fence company, after all.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that we would be facing our competitors right here in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, rather than on the Olympic stage. And we’re just as confident in the ability of our crews to set a standard that others won’t be able to meet in this arena!

So, if you want to see how the best in the business put up a wood fence – modern, classic, whatever style you prefer – call Zepco. Our wooden fence installers have a level of experience and professional pride that sets us apart from all the rest.

The Summer Olympics are where you will find the best of the other kind of fencers.  If you watched the Summer Olympics in South Korean last year, you may have seen the stars from the sport of fencing in action.

Fencing has been an Olympic sport for more than one hundred years. In fact, it was one of only nine sports featured in the first Olympic games of the modern era, which took place in Athens in 1896. Fencers from around the world have consistently competed in the Olympics since then.

Women’s fencing became an Olympic sport in 1924, when the games were held in Paris.  Until 1996, when the games were held in Atlanta, they competed using only the foil. That year the epee was introduced in women’s competition. When the games were held in Athens in 2004, women’s sabre competition also joined the program.

According to the Olympic committee, the sabre is the only category of fencing competition that has been featured at every edition of the Games since 1896 – and it is on the schedule for the next Summer Olympics, which will take place in Tokyo in 2020.

The sabre is an interesting weapon. Unlike the foil and the epée, competitors can hit their rivals with something other than the tip of the blade. The sabre is traditionally associated with cutting attacks as well as thrusting and counter-thrusting movements. That means you can score points by striking your opponent with the edge of the blade, the flat or the back of the blade. And you can strike them just about anywhere!

Our fencers at Zepco Fence, Inc. would never dream of going on the attack. (And don’t tell them we said this, but unfortunately, they probably wouldn’t look their absolute best in those white outfits used in the sport of fencing.)

In other words, while Team Zepco is the leader in residential wood fencing for homeowners from Boca Raton to Hallandale Beach and from Palm Beach to Pompano Beach, we won’t be competing on the world stage. And that’s fine with us.  Zepco Fence, Inc. has been providing quality wooden fence installations since 1972. We also pride ourselves on providing exceptional commercial fences, ornamental fences and PVC fences.

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