Customize Any Fence to the Specific Needs of Your Coconut Creek Home

Residential and Commercial Fence For HireAre you moving to a new home, getting ready to renovate your yard, or planning to make your business more aesthetically pleasing? As a top fence contractor in Coconut Creek, not only can we install your brand new fence but we can also customize it to fit your yard perfectly. What does that entail exactly and what do you need to do? It all starts with choosing the fence that works best with your yard. Coconut Creek is known not only for tourism but also some of the most aesthetically pleasing homes and businesses that the state of Florida has to offer – how does your home or commercial property fit it?

Residential or Commercial Fence Installation

There are lots of reasons to consider hiring a custom fence company, but perhaps the most important reason is that every single yard, commercial or otherwise is unique. What type of fence are you looking for? Do you want a privacy fence to block out the public or do you need something that can serve as a security fence? Are you in desperate need of a pet enclosure? You should ask yourself these questions and more before you commit to any fence installation. Remember, in Coconut Creek you want the best, and we’re ready to give it.

Considerations Before You Hire a Fence Contractor


Not only should you ask yourself some questions before choosing a fence, but you should also ask questions of your fence contractor before you hire them.  Once you have decided on your fence requirements, you need to establish that the contractor can meet those requirements. You can do this by asking the following:

  • Fence Purpose – Is it for security or show?
  • Placement – Where are you going to put it?
  • Warranty – Does the service you are hiring offer any guarantees?
  • HOA – Are you living under the restrictions of a homeowner’s association?

Perhaps the first item to cover is the fence purpose: while businesses often need security fences, homes can benefit from some security features as well. Did you know that the average thief will turn away if they see that the house has a fenced in yard?  Pointed slats or other impediments that don’t allow a criminal to merely hop over your fence are also large deterrents. As a professional fencing contractor, we will be able to tell you what your property needs and what it will benefit from the most.

Working Through HOA Restrictions

Fence Installation Choosing the Best Fence MaterialHouses located in neighborhoods controlled by a homeowner’s association must conform to a specific set of standards. As your premier custom fence company, we will consult with your homeowner’s association, as well as check the theme of the neighborhood around you to make sure that your home matches and that you will not suffer any consequences as a result of your new fence installation.

Keeping it Covered

The installation of a fence on your property is a serious affair; you need to make sure that it is not only installed correctly but that it is guaranteed against any damage. The fence that you have installed, whether it is for a commercial or residential property is often your initial line of defense and the very first thing that will suffer damage in the case of a windstorm. You need to know that you are covered and that your fence will stand for many years to come.

A Fence Just for You

While the cost for quality fencing can be high, hiring a custom fence installer will be beneficial, especially if you want something that is uniquely you. The right custom fence will not only stand the test of time; it will be fully designed to meet the unique configuration of your yard – something that you won’t get with a store bought fence. With decades of experience and the most skilled workers on our side, we’re sure to get the job done for you in record time!