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Looking for a PVC fence company in Boca Raton? We can help! At Zepco Fence, we can help you choose the right PVC fence for your residence or commercial property. Our experienced professionals will work with you to figure out your specific needs, go over a variety of design styles and options, and give you a thorough estimate for your fencing project.

Benefits of Your New PVC Fence

In South Florida, weather can be unpredictable and challenging. Residents face high temperatures, increased UV levels and humidity, high winds, and even hurricanes. Because of these concerns, you need a fence that is durable and able to withstand harsher elements.

At Zepco Fence, we’re proud to offer custom PVC fencing in Boca Raton. Our fence selection is virtually unlimited with multiple styles and color options including tan, white, gray, khaki, and even wood grain. Our customers typically choose a 4-foot or 6-foot PVC fence. Boca Raton customers also select fences upwards of 8 feet tall. We set these fences with 5” x 5″ heavy walled posts using plenty of concrete to help your fence stand up to even the most severe weather.

In addition to improved durability, PVC fences offer the following benefits:

  • Easy Maintenance. PVC fences can be easily cleaned and do not require repainting or staining. They will not rot, chip, blister, or peel.
  • Family Friendly Materials. Non-toxic PVC fences are safer for children as they won’t splinter. For those who want the look of a wood fence without the maintenance, some PVC materials mimic the unique texture and look of wood.
  • Resistant to Water and Rust. Since PVC is not porous, you do not have to worry about water damage or rust. This makes it an attractive option for people who live in coastal areas.

PVC Fencing for Your Home

Since the 1980’s, PVC fences have been a popular option for residential use. They offer excellent privacy for your family and add safety and security to your home. A well-designed fence is often a home’s key landscaping feature and improves curb appeal. If your home is in a busier area, PVC fences also provide a sound barrier by minimizing unwanted street noise.
Popular styles of PVC fences include:
  • Picket fences
  • Lattice top fences
  • Rounded lattice top fences
  • Dog-eared fences
  • Flat top fences

Boca Raton PVC Fence CompanyIf pets are a part of your family, PVC privacy fences allow your pets to roam while keeping them confined to your yard. To select the right fence, think about your pet’s adult size. Owners of smaller breeds may choose a 4-foot PVC fence. Boca Raton families with larger breed pets will want to select a taller fence to minimize jumping. High-quality PVC fences also resist the effects of chewing more than other materials. When you choose the right PVC fence, you and your pets can enjoy the outdoors together.

In South Florida, many homes have backyard swimming pools that need safe and secure fencing. Our state has very specific requirements and legislation in place that determine fencing requirements for pools. You must have at least a 4-foot fence around your pool with a self-locking and self-closing device. When considering a swimming pool fence, many of our customers choose PVC. In addition to improved safety and an attractive look, PVC fences resist water, humidity and harsh chemicals.

Safe and Secure Boca Raton Commercial PVC Fencing

At Zepco Fence, we offer fencing that perfectly suits any commercial application. Commercial PVC fencing is a popular choice for shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, and community swimming pools looking for low maintenance durability, privacy, and security. Since first impressions are so important for any business, a well-designed fence is also a great way to keep unsightly commercial machinery or equipment out of public view. PVC fences also act as a sound barrier in noisy areas and can be customized for your needs.
Boca Raton Commercial PVC Fencing

In addition to an improved look, many businesses choose fences for improved safety and security. Commercial PVC fencing provides a secure boundary for specific restricted or limited access areas where you can monitor unauthorized pedestrians or vehicles. We work with commercial clients who need the best commercial fences to keep out trespassers or vandals while keeping their property, customers, and tenants well protected.

Reduced maintenance costs are another benefit of commercial PVC fencing. Most of our commercial vinyl fencing materials are offered with a limited lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, or chipping under normal wear and tear. Additionally, you will never have to repaint or stain these fences and cleaning them is a breeze. They are easily cleaned and do not require repainting or staining. Simply spray your commercial PVC fence with a garden hose to remove dirt and grass to keep it looking great for years to come. Since PVC is non-porous, water damage and rust will not be an issue for businesses that reside in coastal areas.

With the unique flexibility to accommodate the needs of any project in Boca Raton, commercial PVC fencing and gates are a smart choice. These fences come in many different options to accommodate the needs of any property. PVC fences variety in height, from 6′ to 12′ tall and come in an assortment of colors, including wood grain. When you call us, our experienced industry professionals will help identify your fencing needs and assist you in picking the best style and color option for your home or business.

At Zepco Fence, we’re proud to offer PVC fencing with a lifetime warranty. After testing, our product earned the toughest certification in our area: The Dade County Product Approval Certification. We use only the best materials with extra UV protection from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. To learn more, call our experts to determine if PVC fencing is right for you.
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