In the not so distant past, individuals had to choose between beauty and utilitarianism in their fencing choices. That changed with the advanced technology that produced SimTek® fencing options and provided individuals with beautiful functionality and extreme durability. It’s become the go-to fencing for homeowners, businesses, and commercial sites due to its versatility.

The unique manufacturing process enables SimTek® fencing to appear as multiple materials from wood and masonry to granite, with a variety of textures. It’s available in multiple colors to blend seamlessly with the surrounding character and architecture of any neighborhood.

SimTek® provides all the beauty of luxury materials, but without any of the time consuming maintenance. The fencing is maintenance free, resistant to graffiti, and can be refreshed and cleaned by simply rinsing it down with a hose. It provides an effective barrier against outside noises for a more tranquil outdoor environment.

The beauty factor is one of the reasons that SimTek® has gained a reputation as the most versatile fencing worldwide. The different styles make it desirable for homes, businesses and commercial settings for beautification, while providing safety and security. It’s retains its durability in extreme temperatures.

A primary concern in Florida is hurricanes, a weather phenomenon for which few states must plan. SimTek® fencing is able to withstand winds of up to 110 mph and gusts of 130 mph. Severe weather conditions don’t stop there. Florida is one of the top tornado-producing states and the fencing is equally able to handle the swirling winds of the twisters. SimTek® is also certified to meet the Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance rules.

The beauty of SimTek® fencing is unsurpassed and it’s also an eco-friendly choice. Crafted from recycled materials, it can also be recycled at the end of its substantial lifespan. No trees are cut down for use in construction of the fencing, providing individuals with the satisfaction of knowing their fence is beautiful, stylish, and preserves the Earth’s precious natural resources.

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