Aluminum Fences in Parkland, FL

Are you thinking about installing a new fence for your home or business? If you are looking for security and protection while improving the look of your property, you should contact our experienced and professional staff at Zepco Fence. With many styles and models to choose from, you will find exactly what you are looking for when you trust us for your fencing needs. In addition to high-quality fencing materials at affordable prices, we also offer installation and repair for all fencing types.


If you are looking for low-maintenance, high-quality fencing, aluminum is a fantastic alternative to more expensive wrought-iron fences,and we carry some of the most versatile aluminum fencing selections on the market. Whether you are looking to enclose a pool at your home or an outdoor space at your office building, we have a seemingly endless selection of colors, heights, and styles.


Parkland commercial aluminum fences

Parkland Commercial Aluminum Fences

Choosing aluminum fencing is the perfect way to increase safety and protect your Parkland business. Often used at commercial properties, aluminum fences create a strong,secure barricade with visibility that does not offer places for intruders to hide.


While security is typically the reason to choose new fencing for your businesses, you also want an attractive appearance.Since your fence is one of the first things that people notice when arriving on your premises, you should choose a style with maximum curb appeal. Parkland commercial aluminum fences increase both safety and privacy while adding a polished appearance to your property.


In addition to increased security, many businesses also need reliable access control.

Numerous companies have restricted access areas where vehicles or pedestrians are prohibited. Parkland commercial aluminum fences provide a secure boundary where you can monitor entrances and exits and the enhancement of a gate,  gives you control over who has access to specific areas. Additionally,you can customize your access fence with automatic gates for increased convenience.

Parkland Residential Aluminum Fences

Your home is often your most important investment. Installing a sturdy fence can protect the home you have worked so hard to acquire and add visual appeal at the same time.


As a homeowner, you should always consider the look of your home when choosing a fence. When you select aluminum, you do not have to sacrifice the elegant look you want for the security you need as this style of fencing has the look of iron without the expense, and comes in multiple styles, textures, and colors such as black, bronze, beige and white. While the cost upfront can be more expensive than other fencing types, such as wood, upkeep and maintenance are often much less,and your investment can last for many years without the need for replacement.


Residential aluminum fences in Parkland

Residential aluminum fences in Parkland are also common in home security and home defense plans. When criminals stake out potential homes to target, they look for places that are easy to approach. Often this is a home without adequate lighting, overgrown shrubbery, or one without a fence. Installing an aluminum fence increases your protection and takes away any possible hiding place for burglars and thieves.


Installing fence can also increase the value of your home as fences typically appeal to all buyers, offering a high return on your initial investment. Additionally, buyers with children or pets may be willing to pay more for a home with an existing fence.


Choosing the Right Company for Parkland Aluminum Fence Installation

Whether you need a residential or commercial fence, Parkland aluminum fence installation must be handled by a licensed and insured professional who is familiar with all building codes and necessary permits. At Zepco Fence, our staff meets these requirements and also has the expertise and proper tools to measure the area for your fence accurately.You can trust our team at Zepco Fence to handle all your fencing installation needs properly and professionally.

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