Ornamental Fences

Ornamental Fences

For literally hundreds of years, people have used ornamental fencing to enhance the look of their home or estate and to provide security.   This holds true for both residential properties and for commercial ones.Churches and museums have used ornamental fencing to enhance the architecture of the property for hundreds of years.  These fences were wrought iron or stone in times past, but todays selections are far more maintenance free.   Ornamental fencing,   particularly in  South Florida, needs to be maintenance free and durable.

Ornamental fencing is very often made of aluminum, but  it can also consist of other types of material, such as iron.  For those  with discriminating taste,  aluminum ornamental fences in South Florida give exactly that exquisite look and design needed  to showcase their home or property.

 Aluminum ornamental fencing is the best choice for Florida communities such as Fort Lauderdale,Pompano Beach, Dania Beach,Boca Raton, Delray,Boyton Beach, and areas that are exposed to the salt air that can be so damaging to other types of fencing.

Your ornamental fencing will serve multiple purposes. It will enhance your home as well as to provide for the level of security that you want. The correct combination of style, picket, materials and height will give you the look and the security level that you need for your home.

Keeping your pets and your kids inside the yard or away from a hazardous areas such as a swimming pools is one of the most common objectives when it comes to installion of Florida Ornamental fencing.  Many ornamental fencing types can range from a shorter four feet, upward to six feet tall.  There are many choices of posts, post caps,  pickets, and finial designs to choose from.  We can help you design an Ornamental fence that will combine security with elegance.

For the discriminating client who wants an attractive means of securing their home or property, ornamental fencing can be the answer.