Word of Mouth Is Our Best Advertising

Word of Mouth Is Our Best Advertising

12 Apr Word of Mouth Is Our Best Advertising

Word of Mouth Is Our Best Advertising


Zepco Fence, Inc. has been installing commercial fences – including PVC fences, cyclone fences and the best aluminum fences – since 1972. Here’s what Carol J. Meyer, Jr., Manager, Village of Bridgewood, had to say about our work:


“As Manager the Village of Bridgewood in Boca West for the last 25 years, I have had a great deal of experience with contractors in a wide variety of trades.  Very, very few have been as capable and honorable as Zepco Fence, owned and operated by Jerry Zepatos.


We installed thousands of feet of his PVC fence just before the hurricanes of 2004 hit our community.  We suffered no damages in 2004 and some very minor shifting of a few sections when Wilma devastated our condos in 2005.  I was amazed to see solid, well-trimmed oak trees ripped out of the earth while the adjacent fences were in perfect condition.  I was also amazine to hear nothing but positive comments regarding the appearance of the fences when we first installed them.  This is unusual in any community and a first for our large group of condo associations.


More importantly, I have learned that Jerry Zepatos is a rare example of honor and integrity.  His ethics and character represent the best that America has to offer.  He is a classic example how hard work and pride in what one does can cerate success in our society.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jerry and his company for any aspect of fence work.”

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