Residential wooden fencing can help you “Escape the Indoors”

Residential wooden fencing can help you “Escape the Indoors”

08 Jun Residential wooden fencing can help you “Escape the Indoors”

June is Great Outdoors Month. Public and private organizations from across the country are coming together as members of the Great Outdoors Month® Council to help all Americans Escape the Indoors and celebrate the educational, economic, health, and social benefits of active fun outdoors.

At first it sounds like just another obscure commemoration, but when you start to think about it you’ll see there really is something here worth paying attention to.  At least that’s the way we feel.

It’s especially important to encourage kids to “Escape the Indoors.”  When you were growing up, you might have spent the summer months riding your bike around the neighborhood, heading to the pool or the beach with your friends or playing ball in the backyard.  We weren’t as concerned with privacy and security in those days.

Of course, things are much different today. America’s kids aren’t very familiar with the outdoors. They spend hours and hours in front of screens – instead of hours out exploring their world, digging for treasure in the backyard or challenging each other to climb over the high commercial fence at the end of the street to find out what was locked away behind it.

“A generation ago, kids spent more than four hours a day outside – now, it’s less than 40 minutes per week,” the Great Outdoors Month Council says. “Being outside has a multitude of health benefits. Children who engage in active fun outdoors are more likely to be physically fit, have better eyesight, improved cognitive development and more. And, the closer we feel to nature, the greater our concern for it becomes.” 

Sadly, the days when the only caution kids were given when they headed out the door to play was “be home before dark” are behind us, but there are still plenty of wonderful ways to enjoy the great outdoors – and while it’s hard to beat a day at the beach, you don’t have to pack up the cooler, the beach chairs, towels and goggles to enjoy Florida’s natural beauty.

There are some great parks in South Florida. We have everything from small neighborhood green spaces to the vast expanses of the Everglades!  You can visit the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach. It’s 50 acres of what was unused utility land that has been transformed into a wetlands with a boardwalk running through it.  It’s a great place to see some of the amazing water birds that also call this area home.

If you’re celebrating Great Outdoors Month, you might just discover that the greatest outdoors is closer than you think. We may be biased, but we think the backyard is a pretty special place.  If you have a pool, you’ll need a residential wood fence or some other fence that can keep kids from accidentally falling into the water. Maybe you have a mango tree that provides shade in your backyard where kids can play. You can feel more secure about the adventures they’ll get into in your yard with a fence from Zepco.  We are PVC fence and wooden fence installers with families of our own!

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