Residential Wood Fencing

Residential Wood Fencing

18 Apr Residential Wood Fencing

Residential Wood Fencing


Are you thinking about installing a wood fence in Parkland or one of South Florida’s many other communities?  Wood fencing is a great option for homeowners.  From pricing to style, a wood fence offers a lot of advantages.


Wood fences can provide privacy, enhance your landscape and keep pets safe and secure.  You can install a Shadowbox, Board-on-Board or Stockade fence.  Maybe you like the look of the modern wooden fences you’ve seen featuring horizontal planks.  Wooden fences can be strictly ornamental or extremely functional.  They can be painted or stained in a variety of colors.


No matter what style or purpose may underlie your decision to choose a wood fencing, you need to make sure it is installed properly.  There are a lot of handymen in South Florida who would be happy to do the job for you, but you’ll probably have a hard time finding them when the next hurricane or tropical storm blows through.


The folks at Zepco Fence, a local Parkland fence contractor, are very proud of their reputation as exceptional wood fence installers.  They understand not only the options but the challenges that may be associated with wooden fencing in Miami, Broward and the Palm Beaches.  They know the fence posts must be set deep, with lots of concrete.  They know that quality pressure-treated wood products are needed to stand up to our subtropical climate.  They know the specifics of the South Florida Hurricane Building Code and go above and beyond those specifications to ensure your fence will still be standing when others have been flattened by the storm.

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