Designing a Backyard Oasis at Home

Designing a Backyard Oasis at Home

14 Nov Designing a Backyard Oasis at Home

One of life’s little pleasures is enjoying the great outdoors from your own backyard. A well-designed backyard is a perfect way to give your mind, body, and soul a place to unwind after a hectic day. Whether your ideal backyard is set up for entertaining a crowd or relaxing solo with a good book, here are some ideas to take your backyard from ordinary to breathtaking and get away from it all without leaving your own home.Designing a Backyard Oasis at Home

Ideas for Creating the Perfect Backyard Space

  • Design your new deck. No backyard is complete without a deck. A deck can be an extension of your indoor space and add value and visual appeal to your home. Whether you are looking for a platform deck or multilevel deck, the nearly endless options for style, design, and scope are all within the realm of possibility when designing your own deck.
  • Create a picture-perfect patio. An attractive brick, stone, or paver patio is a welcoming feature in any backyard. Decide what your patio is most likely to be used for. Are you planning to throw outdoor parties? Allow enough space for tables, chairs, or even a grill or drink cart. Is its primary use as a family space? Add an outdoor dining set and watch your patio soon become your favorite dining spot.
  • Promote privacy. Your backyard will feel more like a hidden oasis with an enclosure. Fences help to ensure privacy while defining outdoor spaces and blocking views of neighboring houses. There are a variety of popular residential fencing styles, including shadowbox, stockade, picket, or lattice. Solid wood fences give your backyard an attractive noise and visual barrier at a moderate price. Vinyl and PVC fences are low maintenance because they never need painting while mimicking the look of wood. Picket or lattice fencing offers partial privacy while allowing light and air to pass through. Plants can be hung or planted by the fence to add visual appeal and create texture. If you are having a party, you can hang vases from the fence and fill them with flowers or plants. Hang mirrors on your fence to make the yard look bigger. Whatever type of fence you choose, your yard will benefit from the enclosure that a fence provides.  
  • Add furniture for comfort and durability. There are endless options when it comes to furnishing your outdoor space. Cast iron, wrought iron, aluminum, and traditional wood are popular choices. Weatherproof patio furniture and fabrics mimic the same style and comfort as indoor furnishings while providing durability and longevity. 
  • Add outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is an easy way to enjoy your backyard after dark. Dining and conversation areas with candlelight, wall mount downlights, or dimmable electric lamps promote a more relaxed mood. Choose colors that complement your home’s exterior as well as the area where it will be installed. Cast iron and bronze fit a wide range of options. Solar-powered or low-voltage accent lights add interest to landscape paths. You can even string outdoor lights over your patio or between trees. With a mix of lighting sources, your backyard becomes a magical place after the sun goes down. 
  • Hang a hammock or swing. If your ideal backyard includes a place to relax and unwind, hang a hammock or swing. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a book or simply take a nap. Plus, your guests will love this backyard addition as much as you do. Improving your backyard is a great way to add value to your home and increase your usable living space.
  • Fire up your backyard. Everyone loves gathering around a fire on a chilly autumn night. Fireplaces and fire pits enhance the usefulness and beauty of your backyard. Fireplaces are a natural focal point and can help define space in an outdoor room. Fire pits also draw people together and extend an outdoor living space’s usefulness in cooler weather.

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Improving your backyard is a great way to add value to your home and increase your usable living space. A well-designed backyard can boost your mind, body, and soul. With the right updates, you can turn a lackluster space into a coveted gathering area, a place for your kids to play, or a private outdoor oasis where it is easy to relax and recharge after a busy day.

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