Commercial Fencing Projects

Commercial Fencing Projects

19 Apr Commercial Fencing Projects

Commercial Fencing Projects


When it comes to commercial fencing, you can’t cut corners.  Your business may be riding on it.  And, if the business happens to be a big-cat sanctuary, your fencing requirements can be a matter of life and death.


Two South Florida big-cat sanctuaries turned to Zepco Fence to custom design a security fencing system that would provide animal keepers with access to the animals while also offering them fail-proof protection.  Zepco designed an innovative solution that impressed the State of Florida Department of Wildlife Management, which later adopted the design.


The professionals at Zepco Fence have the experience to design, develop and install effective solutions for your business, too.  From temporary fencing with privacy screening to high-security fences that will keep your business secure and safe. They can even install barbed wire and razor ribbon when extra protection is needed.


In addition to the big cats in the sanctuaries, Zepco Fence has worked with the big cats at some of the largest real estate and property management companies in the South Florida area. They’ve provided fences for commercial contractors and businesses small and large.


They have designed and installed a variety of industrial and commercial gates, including large swing gates, roll gates, cantilever sliding gates and automated gates that can be opened with the touch of a button. Zepco Fence relies on the best quality and strongest material available for its commercial projects – from chain link and industrial iron to aluminum commercial fences and PVC fences in Parkland and beyond.

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