Choosing Between a Security Fence vs. Privacy Fence

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25 Apr Choosing Between a Security Fence vs. Privacy Fence

COMMERCIAL-SECTORBefore you call your local Fort Lauderdale fence company, you have one fundamental question to answer: do you want a security fence or a privacy fence? At first glance, they may appear to be very similar, but in practice, they work quite differently. Today we will explore each type and discuss which you might like to use for your property.

Security Fences in Fort Lauderdale – a Warning to Trespassers

A security fence serves two purposes: to serve as a warning and if they don’t get the hint, to keep people out.  When one thinks of a security fence, their minds usually go to chain link, wrought iron, or even steel. These fences are typically much higher than regular picket fences that you see on most residential properties, and they are also tougher to climb over. Security fences feature relatively sharp edges so that they would be intruders cannot easily grip them, and the top is generally spiked so that attempts to vault over may be met with an injury. This type of fence is much more formidable than you might think at first glance!

Privacy Fences – A More Subtle Approach

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle for a residential or light commercial property, a privacy fence could be exactly what you need. While privacy fences are a downgrade in the area of security, they provide an enormous boost in aesthetics. Privacy fences can be both beautiful and functional, and serve to keep the outside world, outside. If you have nosy neighbors, or just want to create a bubble of privacy around your yard, a privacy fence is a perfect solution to accomplish that. Along with keeping the sights out, you can also count on a privacy fence to shield your building from the wind and keep sound to a minimum, giving you a quiet, serene backyard experience.

Which One Should You Choose?

Now for the ultimate question: which one is right for you? Should you go for the security fence or the privacy fence? Many people will tell you that it is a matter of residential versus commercial properties, but this is not the case. Many commercial properties make use of privacy fences or a wood fence, and they do so for aesthetic purposes. A daycare, for example, might use a privacy fence to keep children contained while also ensuring that the outside world cannot peer in. A security fence, on the other hand, is a more intimidating structure that is useful on many property types. However, it is also a more industrial solution that creates a foreboding atmosphere. So, in the end, you need to decide what type of atmosphere and aesthetic are you trying to build? No matter which way you go, you should always make sure to choose a qualified fence installer.

A Qualified Installer for Your Fence

While Fort Lauderdale fence pricing can be high, it is usually worth it if you have a great installer. Your fence is the first thing that people will see when they walk onto your property, and it is likely one of the most essential pieces of hardscaping that you will own. Not only does it need to be functional, but it must also comply with any housing association restrictions that happen to be in effect in your area. The importance of getting a qualified installer to do the job simply cannot be overstated, so make sure you’re calling in the best. Zepco Fence has been installing fences for both residential and commercial customers for many years with several high-profile clients on the list. If you’re looking for a top Fort Lauderdale fence installation company, you have come the right place. Call us today and set up your appointment – we’ll help you protect your lawn or commercial property.

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