Aluminum Fences for Business and Industry

Aluminum Fences for Business and Industry

25 Apr Aluminum Fences for Business and Industry

Aluminum Fences for Business and Industry


We’ve talked about aluminum fences for residential use. But why should homeowners have all the fun?  Doesn’t your business deserve the good looks and durability of an aluminum fence?


There are many commercial applications where the use of aluminum fencing would be a great choice – especially in South Florida, where high humidity and Mother Nature can easily damage other types of fencing quite rapidly.


An stylish aluminum fence will make a great first impression on your clients.  And aluminum fencing can be built to nearly any specification that you want.  You can even customize your fence with ornamentation and color.  The installation of a commercial aluminum fence in Parkland, West Palm Beach or Miami Beach may even raise the value of the property significantly.


Aluminum fencing does have a slightly higher price tag than many other varieties of fencing.  It’s an investment – one that will pay off in terms of curb appeal, security and maintenance.


If you have questions about the right type of fence for your unique needs, call Zepco Fence and ask to speak with Jerry Zepatos, the owner.  He’ll make sure you get the right fence, with the right material and the right design for the best price.  Zepco can even customize gates to accent your new fence.  If security is a concern, let Jerry know.  Zepco works with some of the best locksmiths in the area and can customize a security system.  And, of course, with Zepco you know you’ll get the ultimate in service and installation.

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