The purposes for which fences are erected and the materials from which they’re manufactured have changed dramatically over the years. Fences are being put to new uses, new styles are available, and eco-friendly materials now exist that require nothing more than a quick rinse twice a year to maintain them in pristine condition.

For millennia, fencing was typically nothing more than brush piled together to form a barrier to keep animals in and prevent people and wild animals from entering. As civilization progressed, logs were used and mud placed to fill in the cracks. Stones and rocks became the preferred method later on, followed by bricks, concrete and metal.

The primary uses of a fence were for safety, protection and defense of people and animals that were a family’s livelihood. Fences served a variety of purposes, from keeping people from falling from heights to preventing trespassers from entering construction sites. Barbed wire was introduced in the 1870s.

Today, fences are available in a wide variety of styles and materials and new uses have emerged. One of the most common reasons for erecting a fence is to hide unsightly items from view that includes trash cans and dumpsters, electrical boxes, air conditioning units, and generators. Fences are used to keep things from view ranging from large vehicles and swimming pools to patios and deck areas.

Today’s fencing encompasses a variety of materials that are almost completely maintenance free and can withstand hurricane winds of up to 110 mph and gusts of 130 mph. Fencing is offered in molded panels that replicate the look and texture of stone or wood, along with a wealth of colors to accommodate any style or preference. Eco-friendly options are offered that are manufactured from recycled materials and can be recycled in turn at the end of their life span.

Fencing has come a long way from its origins. It can still protect and provide privacy, but it’s also a stylish option and being utilized in new and innovative ways. Today’s fencing is highly durable, resistant to graffiti, blocks sound, and is a cost effective way to beautify properties.

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