Fence Contractor Parkland Florida

Fence Contractor Parkland Florida

Are you looking for a premier fence contractor in Parkland, Florida? Choose Zepco Fence. We have a wide variety of new residential and commercial fence styles to choose from at affordable prices. From start to finish, we manage all aspects of your new fence, from material selection to installation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Residential Fences in Parkland


Fence Contractor Parkland FloridaIf you are looking to turn your yard into an outdoor refuge, consider adding a fence. A fence can turn your backyard into a hidden oasis, a place where friends and family can gather. Fences also promote privacy by obscuring views of neighboring houses, which adds a sense of security and endorses safety. At your home in Parkland, you can also use a fence as a key landscaping feature to accentuate the look of your property.

New residential wood fences offer:

  • Privacy: Your yard can be more private and secure, even in highly populated areas.
  • Security: Tall fences add protection to your yard. Plus, if your home has a pool, a fence is essential.
  • Noise reduction: Fences block noise pollution and street noise, making your yard and home quieter.
  • Boundaries: If you have kids or pets, you need safety and security. Fences add safety by creating a defined boundary and a secure enclosure


Wood Fences

Wood is a timeless choice for a residential fence. Wood fences give your yard increased curb appeal and a noise barrier for a moderate price. Available wood types include redwood, cedar, cypress, and spruce. Styles of wood fences include:

  • Stockade: These fences are made with wood boards laid tightly next to each other, creating a solid panel.
  • Lattice: This style gives a semi-obstructed view of other yards and neighbors. Wood strips are fastened together with square or diamond-shaped spaces between the strips of wood.
  • Picket: A stylish icon of fencing, picket fences are often used for homes. Picket fences use evenly spaced boards attached to rails.

If you like the look of wood but are concerned about the upkeep, you could consider a PVC fence for your yard.


PVC Fences

Vinyl fences, also known as PVC, are low maintenance because they never need painting but can still mimic the look of wood. They come in numerous colors and offer a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Easy cleaning. Vinyl fences that are dirty, dusty, mildewed, or moldy can easily be cleaned. They are also low maintenance which means you never have to paint or stain them.
  • Durable. PVC fences are sturdy and long-lasting. They are an excellent choice for areas with unpredictable weather and harsh sunlight.
  • Rust and water resistant. PVC is non-porous and not affected by rust or susceptible to water damage. People living in coastal or waterfront areas often choose vinyl fences.

Other fencing alternatives beyond wood or PVC include aluminum fences which give residential spaces an elegant look and chain link and lattice fencing which both provide partial privacy and a defined outdoor space while allowing light to shine in.

Whatever type of fence you choose, your yard, family, and pets will benefit from the enclosure that a fence provides.


Commercial Fences in Parkland?


a premier fence contractor in Parkland, FloridaYour business is a valuable investment, and you want it to make a good impression on your customers. When you have a fence, it is one of the first things employees, customers, or vendors see when arriving at your place of business. Commercial fencing offers a favorable first impression to your customers while keeping your business safe and secure. Additionally, a fence creates a protected boundary for limited access areas, making it easier to monitor pedestrians and vehicles. Commercial fences keep would-be vandals or trespassers out while letting employees and authorized vehicles in. Get the level of security you demand with a new commercial fence.

Many business owners in Parkland prefer the look and benefits of aluminum fencing. This type of fencing is often used at commercial locations, such as restaurants and daycares as it is sturdy and see-through, making it a sought-after and effective boundary. Businesses that need reliable access control often choose commercial aluminum fences with customized gates. You can add swing gates, sliding gates, or roll gates for additional convenience and with automation, you can easily open even the most massive gate.


Choosing the Right Fence Contractor in Parkland

Fence measurements can be complicated and require specific tools to ensure accuracy. Additionally, before installation, your property must be appropriately marked for underground utility lines to ensure safety while digging. Because of this, your residential or commercial fence must be measured and installed by a licensed and insured professional. Trust our experienced team here at Zepco Fence to handle all your fencing installation needs professionally.

Our customers often ask about typical costs for new residential and commercial fences. The cost of fencing installation varies due to factors such as fence type, length, material, terrain, and labor costs. Fortunately, we offer fence installation at varying prices to suit all budgets.

For decades, area residents have trusted us for their commercial and residential fencing needs. When you choose us as your fence contractor in Parkland, one of our experienced fence consultants will come to your property to help you select the right fence for your needs. Whether you are looking for privacy, security, elegance or safety, we offer creative, maintenance-free options for all types of fences.



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