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The Zepco Fence Company offers the highest quality Residential and Commercial Fences in the Deerfield Beach Florida area. From Aluminum, PVC, Wood, Privacy, Chain Link, and more, we will meet and exceed all of your fencing expectations for your home or business.

With over thirty five years of experience servicing the Deerfield Beach area coupled with the highest ratings and reviews of any other fence company in South Florida, our primary focus at Zepco Fence is to handle all of your fencing needs from conception to final installation. Simply put, we offer exceptional service and competitive pricing along with the knowledge you gain with having over 35 years of experience building and installing fences in the Deerfield Beach area. 

Deerfield Beach Premier Fence Company


Zepco understands that your home and businesses are among the most valuable assets you possess and that having your entire property reflect that is our number one priority.

Our Deerfield Beach Fence Contractors will help you select the perfect fence solutions including materials, colors, heights and finishes that meet both your aesthetic needs for your property as well as your budget. We can assist you in filling out or filing any necessary paperwork that is required from your Deerfield Beach city code enforcement officials to ensure your new fence complies with all Deerfield Beach city government regulations and ensures no violations occur and that your fence installation goes up without a hitch.


Deerfield Beach Fence Installation by Zepco fence


Upon your final approval of materials, colors, finishes, heights etc., our Deerfield Beach fence installation team will complete your installation ensuring that it not only looks beautiful, but is properly installed to withstand even the harshest weather South Florida has to offer.

“With Zepco Fence Company, you get an experienced, professional team of highly skilled fence installation experts, high-quality fencing products and installation at a competitive price”


To learn more about the various types of fencing that we offer please continue reading below so that you can determine what type of fencing you need for your home or business in the Deerfield Beach area.


Deerfield Beach Residential and Commercial Fence Products and Installation Specialists

If you are looking for residential or commercial fencing in the Deerfield Beach area, our extensive selection of fences and affordable pricing makes us an excellent choice. We can even provide you with custom fencing for your home or business in any of the fencing options we carry.


  • Wood Fences– We have both residential and commercial wood fencing which uses pressure treated wood products to provide you with high-quality fencing that adheres to the South Florida Hurricane Building Code. Our commercial wood fencing is good for enclosing not only your home but items such as generators or equipment keeping it safe and sound all year long.
  • Vinyl Fences– A residential vinyl fence could be the perfect option for you if you are worried about exposure to the elements. Vinyl fencing is durable and resilient at standing up to the weather in South Florida. It is this stability that is making vinyl fencing popular for all types of commercial or residential applications throughout Deerfield Beach including HOA associations, public and private swimming pools, shopping centers, restaurants, and more.
  • Ornamental Fences– If you are looking to add security in a beautiful way, an ornamental fence could be an ideal option. An ornamental fence can enhance the look of your property while also providing you with added security.
  • Aluminum Fences– Aluminum fencing is a good option for both durability and attractiveness. An aluminum fence helps you keep pets and children contained while still allowing you a great view.
  • Chain Link Fences– Another option for both commercial and residential fencing is chain link. This fencing option can meet your needs and be cost effective for your home or business.
  • Security Fences– At Zepco Fence, we also offer high-security fences for the Deerfield Beach community that helps keep your home or business safe and secure. We have options like barbed wire and razor ribbon for those that require extra protection.
  • Custom Animal Enclosures– If you are in a business where you handle animals, having the proper equipment is essential. We build custom animal enclosures to suit the needs of your business and your animals.
  • Industrial and Commercial Gates– Along with our great commercial fencing, we also carry industrial and commercial gates that you can open with the touch of a button. We have large swing gates, roll gates, and cantilever sliding gates to give you access to your business or HOA property with ease.


For Deerfield Beach Home and Business Owners The choice is Clear, Zepco Fence offers a complete array of fencing solutions.

Being in the fencing industry, specifically in the Deerfield Beach area for over 35 years when it comes time to invest in your property, Zepco Fence has the knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect fence for your needs.

Additionally, when it comes to fence installation, our fence installers have been with us for years, giving them the experience you are looking for at a price you can afford.

Why Deerfield Beach Business and Homeowners Choose Zepco Fence

Fencing is a substantial investment in your property and you need to be certain you are choosing the right fence along with the right fence company to provide you with your Deerfield Beach fence installation.


Check out the rest of our website to request a free estimate or call us directly at: (954) 410-9570 to learn more about Zepco Fence and how we can help you create the perfect fence solution for your home or business in the Deerfield Beach Florida area.


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