Customized Fences for Your Home or Business in Deerfield Beach

While a fence might be one of the last things on your mind to have installed on your residential or commercial property, it is not a small thing, nor is it something that you should take lightly. A Commercial Fence Services in Coral Springsfence can have many different purposes including decoration or security. Then again you might need a fence for safety to keep pets or children inside a designated area, but no matter what direction you plan on going you want to know that your new fence will work and stand the test of time. In order to ensure these two outcomes, there are a few steps you must take, and it all starts with the company that completes your installation in Deerfield Beach.
Your Choice is Critical
There is nothing more important in the process of having a fence installed than making sure that you have the right installation company on your side. So, what does that mean exactly? What should you be on the look-out for? It all starts with a reputation. Ask yourself the following questions before you commit to hiring any fence installer:

• How long have they been in business?
• Do they have a portfolio of past work?
• What are their customer reviews like?
• Do they do both commercial and residential installations?

Knowing what the company is capable of will put you light years ahead in deciding. When you hire our professional fence installation company, you’re getting more than just a fence; you’re getting years of experience and our guarantee for quality work. Remember: price matters when it comes to fence installation! Even though it might be tempting to hire the cheapest company you can find, there is great value in spending a little more to get a company that will go the extra mile.
Custom Fencing Applications

While some might argue that a fence is a fence, there are actually many different applications available and having a fence customized to your particular needs can be significantly more beneficial compared to stock fencing from your local home improvement store. For example, custom fencing allows you to have a fence that wraps around your house and adjusts at particular points as the angle of your home changes or a fence that adapts to differing ground heights in your yard. Achieving the right aesthetic here can be very difficult, and it is essential to hire an installer who can measure, get the right amount of materials, and install your new fence without a hitch. Additionally, a custom fence accomplishes a few other things for you including:

• Trends – If you live in a homeowner’s association you need to follow specific trends to ensure that you are operating within their standards. By following the rules, you will avoid HOA fines and save yourself a lot of trouble. Additionally, choosing a fence installer that can do the research and make sure that you are compliant with the standards of your neighborhood will save you time and headaches.
• Integrity – Fence integrity is crucial. Your fence needs to stand up to strong winds, physical force, and other factors that could otherwise damage or move it.
As a top-notch installer in Deerfield, we install custom fences that match the look and feel of your highly unique yard.
An Investment You Won’t Regret
9A fence is more than just a part of your landscape; it is a huge investment and one that you want to get right the first time. Fences are designed to protect your privacy and give you a sense of security, but they also help break the wind on your property. Not only will it be highly functional if installed correctly, but it will also serve to raise the property value of your home significantly. In other words, don’t settle for less than the best when you are choosing a fence contractor or material.
Getting Started
Getting started with your fencing plan is easy – all you need to do is call the professionals! Here at Zepco, we are a top-notch company that has been in operation since 1972, making us one of the oldest and most reliable fencing contractors in the area. If you want proof of the quality of our work, all you need to do is take a quick look at the companies that we have worked with over the years including:

• McDonald’s
• Burger King
• Chik-Fil-A
• GL homes
• Lennar Homes
• Dish Network
• Nextel
• Winn Dixie
• WCI Communities
• Integrity Property Management

And this comprehensive client list is a far cry from the number of residential installations that we’ve performed over the years. Call us at 1 (954) 410-9570 to get started.