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Licensed and Insured Aluminum Fences Service in Parkland

With so many different styles of aluminum fences on the market today, it might seem overwhelming when choosing the perfect fencing for your home or business. While many people choose fences for safety and security, well-designed fencing also provides your property with an attractive appearance and lasting curb appeal. If you’re in the market for an aluminum fence in Parkland, here’s some info you’ll need to choose the right fence for your residential or commercial property.

Commercial aluminum fencing can enhance the appearance and increase the value of your business while providing a high level of security. Strong, well-designed fences can help prevent vandalism, theft, and trespassing. While security is the main objective for many commercial properties, aluminum fences also add visual appeal to any business. In Parkland, commercial aluminum fences offer strength and durability that matches the level of security demanded while providing an attractive appearance.

Access Control Fencing

Many businesses need reliable access control. You may have specific restricted or limited access areas where it’s necessary to prohibit unauthorized pedestrians or vehicles. Aluminum fences provide a secure boundary where entrances and exits can be closely monitored. Access control fences can also be customized with roll gates, sliding gates, and swing gates. These gates can also be automated for additional convenience to ensure that even the largest commercial gate can be opened with just the touch of a button.

Custom Fencing in Parkland

Custom Fencing

Many restaurants, schools, and other types of commercial properties enjoy the versatility of custom aluminum fencing. In Parkland, outdoor patio spaces or playgrounds next to busy streets or parking lots need a secure perimeter. Custom aluminum fences and gates can be ordered in many widths and heights to accommodate the specific needs of any commercial property.

Your home is your most valuable investment and few things increase your home’s marketability more than an attractive, secure fence. When selecting a residential aluminum fence, you should factor in the needs of your home and family. Do you have pets that you want to keep protected? Is it for added home security? Is it mainly for decorative purposes? There are a variety of options and styles available for any need and to accommodate any budget.

Home Security Fencing

In Parkland, residential aluminum fencing is often used for home defense. However, you don’t need to sacrifice the look you want for the security you need. Home security fences can be both decorative and functional. In addition to being both durable and attractive, aluminum fencing with evenly spaced, tall rods are see-through, giving would-be intruders nowhere to hide.

Parkland Pet Safety Fencing

Pet Safety Fencing

Aluminum fences are often used to keep pets close to home while allowing them to stretch out and enjoy the weather safely. When choosing the right fence for your yard, you’ll want to factor in the size of your pet. Smaller dog breeds may be able to escape through wide fence post gaps. Choose an aluminum fence with safe spacing between pickets to accommodate your dog’s size. Pet owners with larger dog breeds should choose a taller fence to prevent jumping over the fence and out of your yard. You may also want to consider adding an aluminum fence gate. Parkland families can enjoy the outdoors without leaving their four-legged friend indoors with the right fence and properly secured gate.

Swimming Pool Fencing

Drowning is the number one cause of death in children in Florida, so the proper swimming pool fencing is extremely important. In Parkland, residential aluminum fences can add a layer of protection around your swimming pool. But while you may already have a fence around your property, there are requirements for a pool fence that your existing fence may not fulfill. There is legislation that outlines the requirements for pool safety features and barriers.

In Parkland, aluminum fence installation should be handled by a fully licensed and insured professional who adheres to all building codes and can help obtain any required permits. At Zepco Fence, we’ve installed high-quality fencing for residential and commercial customers for over 30 years. Our wide variety of fencing styles and designs will fit any design and meet any budget. We’re proud to provide our clients with the premier service they deserve and the quality they’ve come to expect.
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