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Chain Link Fence

If you are interested in security for your home in South Florida, chain link fencing is often a good selection.   It is both secure and cost effective.   As the saying goes, “Good fences make good neighbors”,  whether they are for keeping your pets in or your neighbors pets out.

Chain link fences are primarily used for security and safety.  With many South Florida homes in close proximity to lakes and canals, chain link fences are used to protect your small children and pets from venturing too close to what could be a dangerous situation.  They are also great for keeping that occasional pesky alligator from sun bathing on your lawn!   Zepco Fence always installs our fences with the safety of your children and pets in mind.  We install all of our gates with self closing springs and child proof latches .  Our Chain Link Fences also come with bottom cable to keep out unwanted critters and to keep your pets from getting out.  We include this at no extra cost to you.

Chain Link fences come in a galvanized finish as well as black and green vinyl.  Custom colors may also be available for special needs.  Chain link fencing, sometimes known as cyclone fencing,  is often the least expensive option when cost is a factor and its ease of installation makes it very popular in South Florida.

For residential areas, chain link fencing is available in heights from 4′ to 6′,  while for  commercial installations you may elect to go significantly taller.   We also do installations in warehouses to separate areas where additional security is needed.   We can also  include barbed wire and privacy slats for more security and protection.
Companies and customers from Parkland to Pembroke Pines know Zepco Fence and their great service and quality products.  When you are ready for fencing in South Florida, call the experts.

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visa mc

visa mc


As Manager of the Village of Bridgewood in Boca West for the last 25 years, I have had a great deal of experience with contractors in a wide variety of trades. Very, very few have been as capable and honorable as Zepco Fence, owned and operated by Jerry Zepatos.
We installed thousands of feet of his PVC fence just before the hurricanes of 2004 hit our community. We suffered NO fence damages in 2004 and some very minor shifting of a few sections when Wilma devastated our condos in 2005. I was amazed to see solid, well-trimmed oak trees ripped out of the earth while the adjacent fences were in perfect condition. Carol J. Meyer, Jr. The Village of Bridgewood Association, Inc.

- Village of Bridgewood

Frank DeVito – ” Jerry thank you so much for installing the most beautiful wood fence that I could ever imagine. I knew from the first time that you came over to give me an estimate that Zepco Fence was the right company for the job. Not only did you discover that my property line was wrong and I had an extra 8′ of property that is now part of my back yard. I was also impressed that when the inspector for the City of Coral Springs came to my house and saw that Zepco Fence installed it said “We Never Have a Problem with Zepco. They do Great Work”

- Frank DeVito

What can I say, other than another BIG THANK YOU!  and ask that you please share with everyone on YOUR team involved with this project our sincere gratitude for their efforts.  With you help, we were once again able to accomplish the impossible:  Close, demolish, rebuild and re-open another McDonald’s Restaurant in 54 calendar days-WOW!


- Gil Hyatt Construction

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